100% Turkish
Cotton Towels

Soft, Quickdry, Sand Resistant, Lightweight
Featuring a zip pocket to protect your valuables.

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100% Turkish Cotton
Beach Sheets

Extra large Turkish Blanket,
for you, your friends and their dog.
Featuring a zip pocket to keep
your valuables safe and discreet.

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Artisan Products

Our products are ethically made with love and have been dyed with certified raw dyes by artisans.

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Tested by the Sea

All our textiles items have all been tried and tested by the sea side, to ensure durability and quality.

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Made with Love

Saltee Society's textiles are made and designed for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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Earth Conscious

We love the earth, so we have worked hard to ensure  all of our packaging is biodegradable.