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To some the ocean is just a body of water

To us, it's a love story

Saltee Society was grown by the sea in the humble suburbs of the Southern Gold Coast, Australia,  inspired by their friends, family and the seaside lifestyle that they're forever chasing.

They are committed to not being just another brand selling ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, their products are quality, will last you years to come and are ethically sourced and manufactured.

You are as much the Saltee Society

as we are

It's more a community of like minded salt and sun drenched individuals, from all walks of life with only one thing in common- a love for the ocean and the earth.

Saltee brings sea-inspired luxury products to enhance your everyday experiences from beach-side to your home. They hope to inspire and influence ocean-loving misfits around the world. Their products are created with the earth in mind, and their product packaging is biodegradable. (even the tape.)

To the Ocean


Thank you for allowing us a place to feel all our emotions in the one place so safely, for allowing us to celebrate, relax, grieve and re-energize.

There is nothing I have experienced – that has not been cured by the ocean. After growing up by the seaside, I’ve been so incredibly blessed – its the most treasured feeling I’ve felt and the novelty still hasn’t worn off.

Love always
Liv - Owner and Founder of
Saltee Society