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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

What is a Beach Sheet?
The king-size beach sheet has been designed as an all-rounder for the beach to home and everywhere in between. It is slightly thicker and around 2 and a half times bigger. It sits 4-5 people comfortably at the beach, picnic, festival, and park. It is great to cuddle up to under the stars, the lounge, or put it on your bed.
How big are your Turkish Towels?
Saltee Society's Turkish Towels are between 310-380gm, 100% Cotton with 85-95x180cm with a 16x20cm pocket. Saltee Society's Turkish Cotton Beach Sheets are 1150gm, 100% Cotton with a 20x20cm pocket. They are both compact, lightweight, quick-drying and won’t retain sand. Both the Turkish Towels and Beach Sheets are incredibly versatile in different ways.  
Best way to wash my Saltee Towels

Always hand-wash when possible, if not we suggest gentle machine wash on a cold cycle with similar colours. Due to being dyed with natural dyes, our towels and sheets are designed to fade, so drying in the sun will speed up the fading process, dry in the shade where possible. NEVER use bleach, or fabric softener. 

How to re-tie Turkish Towel Tassels

Our tassels are hand crafted and can be fixed by hand as easy as they are originally crafted.  

Follow the following steps to retie your towels tassels.  

1. Separate the tassels threads into two equal sections  

2. Twist each section in a clockwise direction  

3. Twist both sections together in a counter-clockwise direction  

4. Knot tightly at the end  

As you continue to use your Turkish Towel, tassels may continue to come loose. To prevent knots from coming completely untied, check tassels before or after washing for loose knots and tighten knots as needed.  

Payment & Delivery

What forms of payment does the shop have?
Paypal, Credit Card and Afterpay
How is shipping fee calculated?
We absorb some of the freight costs, so it will only be a $5.00 flat rate shipping cost for you.